United States of America

President: Ted Cruz, Tea Party
Senate Majority Leader: Addison Mitch McConnell
House Majority Leader: Joe Walsh

2016 Election
The 2016 Elections were a whirlwind of change. The fall of Bolivia, Brazil, and Chile to the Colombian virus of electoral Socialism distraught the nation. Thousands of Cuban exiles protested in Miami; Cruz, as a hardline right-wing extremist, was unable to secure the cooperation of the Republican mainstream, but his growing Tea Party support and his Cuban roots allowed him to handily attack the mainstream candidates, eventually subverting the entire Republican caucus and gaining the nomination.

He handily defeated the center-left Democratic candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and take office. The outgoing Mitt Romney had many caustic words to say about the new Republican party, but by then it was too late: the party had fractured into three groups—the religious right, the tea party, and the republican center.

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United States of America

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